FIRST minister Mark Drakeford has explained what the rules are on wearing face masks on trains when travelling from England to Wales.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, the first minister said people travelling into Wales from England by train will need to put on a face mask as soon as they cross the border.

Yesterday Mr Drakeford announced a series of changes to coronavirus regulations to come into effect on Saturday, with more relaxations planned to come in Saturday, August 7. Read more about that here.

The rules mark a significant diversion from England, where regulations are being relaxed earlier, with Monday, July 19, dubbed ‘freedom day’. Among England’s changes are that face masks will no longer be legally required on public transport, although many transport companies have said they will continue to require them.


But in Wales the requirement will remain in place. Speaking to BBC Breakfast this morning, Mr Drakeford said he hoped people in England would observe the “clear” advice on face coverings given by Boris Johnson but that the practice would be a legal requirement in Wales.

“The people who run the transport system will make sure that people are aware that as they come into Wales different rules apply,” he said.

“If you travel into Wales by road now you will see signs that say ‘Welsh rules apply’. That will be true on trains and other forms of transport as well.

“I hope people will observe the clear advice of the prime minister in England, that they should continue to wear face coverings on public transport.

“Here in Wales the rule will be clear, it isn’t simply advice, it’s what the law will require.”