THE summer holidays are almost here, and for many, it will be the first chance to take a break since before the pandemic.

While many countries remain off limits to Welsh, and British travellers for recreational purposes, families across the region are still keen to get away for a holiday.

With staycations, and domestic holidays seeing a surge in popularity in recent times, the next few weeks look set to be extremely busy for those in the tourism industry.

However, the spectre of covid still looms large, and cases have been rising again, in Newport, Gwent, and beyond.

In recent weeks, positive cases in school settings have seen entire year groups having to stay at home and self-isolate.

In recent days, there has been reports that some parents have opted to keep their children at home this week, to ensure that they don’t end up having to isolate – and potentially put summer plans in jeopardy.

With education having seen disruption over the last 15 months, it has proven to be a controversial topic.

Earlier this week we asked Argus readers what they thought about this, and you can check out a selection of viewpoints below.

Argus readers react to parents keeping their children off school

Taking to social media, our readers shared the following thoughts on the subject:

Rhian Lester said: “Well my 7 year old came home from school yesterday and said “we watched monsters inc in school today” so it’s not like they’re missing out on much if they do keep them off.”

Michelle Norton said: “Can't send them to school but can go on holiday??? I sent mine as he's missed practically the whole year. Have to go with your instinct but mine missed his friends too much.”

Sophia Porter said: “When we were on holiday at the end of June, we were amazed at the amount of school aged children that were there. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them were supposed to be self isolating.”

Emma Arnold said: “I can understand why parents do it but working in a school myself, I know how much children would have missed out on!”

Alex Donne said: “My kids in Year 7 have had supply teachers for the past 2 weeks anyway.. and now several classes in their school have confirmed cases, so I’m not taking the risk of them catching anything from school… so why send them in?”

Stephen Bird said: “Up to the parents the kids have lost out for a long time a few more days won’t hurt them or the parents.”

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Caroline Powell said: “Smart, kids have been through so much this year. My son is isolating for the 4th time. My silver lining is at least it finishes for the summer holidays. My youngest is still in school but I appreciate those who can keeping their children off decreasing the chances of mine being ill for summer.”

Hannah Adams said: “I think if its what’s best for them then they should do what they feel is right. Everyone feels different about what’s going on right now, and some have been affected a lot more than others and seen it first hand.”

Claire Cox said: “Smart as long as not allowing them to mix in their leisure time with the kids in their year that are isolating. If parents are sensible, I see it as fine and the responsible option if they are completing all work at home.”

Nat M Lammert said: “To be honest I think it's up to the parents. It's lowering the risk for educational staff to have to isolate in their holidays.”

Stu Kelso said: “Pathetic. Leave them off school, but will have no qualms over taking them the theme parks instead.”

Kerry Tucker said: “I think it's very selfish of parents to keep their kids off school for no reason at all they have had enough time off as it is.”

Sallyann Mansfield said: “Smart and kind, if they're protecting everyone in the meantime.”

Jackie Payne said: “My grandson has had to miss his last week of his last year at his school due to covid in his class. He's totally devastated. It's been a really tough uncertain year for our kids.”