A THIRSTY burglar ended up giving himself away when he left his DNA on a milk bottle after going into his victim’s fridge for a drink.

Joseph Curley, 48, then ran out of the house in Newport’s Rodney Road after he woke up the complainant when he crept into his bedroom.

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Harry Baker, prosecuting, said: “The victim became aware in the early hours of the morning that there was an intruder in his room.

“That was this defendant, Mr Curley, who told the complainant, ‘Don’t worry, it’s only your neighbour.’


“He then ran downstairs and out of the house.

“The victim noticed that the defendant had gone into his fridge and drank from a bottle of milk.”

Detectives analysed the evidence and Curley’s DNA was recovered.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how the defendant had stolen items which included electrical items, a wallet, driving licence, train ticket, bank cards, TV box a Wi-Fi router.

None of these items have ever been returned to the victim.

Curley, of Bettws Shopping Centre, Bettws, Newport, pleaded guilty to committing the burglary on May 27, 2020.

Mr Baker added how the defendant had a “significant” criminal history with previous convictions for offences including violence, weapons and dishonesty.

Curley was also a “nine-strike” burglar who admitted separate charge of theft and fraud last month in Newport after he had just been released on licence.

He used a stolen bank card to buy goods throughout the city at Esso on Stow Hill, Clarence Food & Wine and Asda.

Ben Waters, mitigating, said his client was now taking his anti-depressant medication again and had resumed his relationship with his family after a period of estrangement.

He added: “Employment is a big issue for the defendant.”

The court heard how Curley was jailed for 876 days last summer for a burglary in Newport.

Recorder Mark Cotter QC said the defendant could have been sentenced then for Rodney Road offence had there not been a delay because of the DNA evidence.

The judge sent Curley to prison for a total of six months and 21 days and ordered him to pay a victim surcharge of £156.