HEADSTONES and other memorials in Monmouth Cemetery will be safety checked later this year.

The testing will be carried out by Monmouthshire County Council employees, who will assess the memorials for a pre-determined level of stability, from October.

Memorials deemed to not be safe will be temporarily made safe with a stake and a band placed around them, with notices attached to explain why it has been used and details of who to contact for further information for those visiting to be able to remedy the situation.


The council will also contact family members where possible to advise them of what needs to be done.

If a memorial has not been re-erected within six months of test failure, the memorial headstone will be sunk to a depth of 1/3rd at the head of the grave until the family arrange to have it re-erected.

Monmouthshire County Council recognises there is a potential for family members to become upset in the event of a memorial being found to be unsafe but it is hoped that those affected will understand that the overriding principle is to ensure the safety of people visiting the cemetery.

If any family member has concerns about the stability of a memorial or requires further information please contact the Cemeteries Officer on 01873 735852. E-mail -cemeteries@monmouthshire.go.uk