NEWPORT band Dub War are making a comeback by releasing their first album since 1996.

The band, which plays a mix of metal, reggae, and punk music, will be releasing a new album later this year called Westgate Under Fire.

Benji Webbe, the lead singer for Dub War and also for the band Skindred, said: “The last album we released was over 20 years ago.

“During lockdown, me and Richie (the bass player) wrote down some ideas and sent them in to some friends.

“So basically we ended up doing the album on the internet during the lockdown”.

Dub Wars officially split in 1999 but have come together occasionally to perform live.

Three members of the band split off to form the band Skindred who are still together today.

The band recently filmed some videos for the album at the Westgate Hotel with the help of Reality Theatre.

“Reality said they could they could get access to the rooms in the Westgate so we thought it just fitted perfectly with the title of the album and  the whole energy,” said Mr Webbe.


“We did two videos on one day on the hottest day of the year, which was killer but, you know, obviously with the beauty of the interior of the Westgate it came out really well”.

The album features several different drummers from bands all over the world, including Mike Bordin from the band Faith No More and Dave Chavarri from band Ill Niño.

The drummers will feature on different tracks as well as the regular drummer, Mikee Gregory.

The album will reference Newport throughout, with all members originally coming from the city.

In particular, the Newport Rising of 1839 where Chartists led by John Frost marched on Newport will be referenced.

South Wales Argus:

Reality Theatre filmed some music videos for Dub Wars at the Westgate Hotel. Picture: Ian Agland

Outside the Westgate Hotel, 22 of the Chartists were killed by soldiers and a further 50 of them were injured.

“It's very much about embracing our past, for being rebellious against those who are trying to hold us down,” said Mr Webbe.

“I think that's a great thing as well because Dub Wars have always been about speaking out against injustices and stuff, so that's pretty cool.

“There's nothing more striking to me than what happened in Newport all those years ago where 22 people were killed outside the Westgate Hotel.

South Wales Argus:

Benji Webbe is also the singer in the band Skindred

“It just spurred me on thinking about that stuff after being stuck in Newport, in 20 years of touring I think this is the longest I’ve been home for – it’s been 18 months”.

There are no confirmed dates for Dub Wars to perform the new album live, but there will be performances in the future.

There is no confirmed date when Westgate Under Fire will be released, Mr Webbe hopes it will be out in the spring of 2022.