NEWPORT residents have been reacting to the city's bid to be named the UK's City of Culture in 2025.

If successful it would see the city and wider Gwent region host a year-long programme of events, activities and projects that celebrate Newport’s diverse culture.

Leader of Newport City Council, Cllr Jane Mudd, said: "Newport City Council and its partners are committed to ensuring people feel good about living, working, visiting and investing in our city.

"We want to seize every opportunity to promote confidence and pride within our communities and to showcase Newport and Gwent to the wider world – that is why we want to step up and be the UK City of Culture 2025."

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But when we asked our readers what they thought about the idea, opinions were decidedly mixed.

Emma Mayers said: "Not a chance. Spent the day down there yesterday, loads of shops closed in Kingsway & Friars Walk, and the main street is mostly boarded up shops, loads of homeless people and rough looking."

Jo Thomas added: "Seriously, why? We shouldn't have been given city status to begin with! State of Newport especially the centre is embarrassing.

"Culture? They've demolished most of our culture, totally lost our history instead of embracing it.. shameful."

Sara Butler said: "There would need to be a huge amount of work done to get it to any kind of standard needed to be a city of culture, unfortunately I think it has been left too late to do it in four years, maybe in 2028."

Others referenced the state of the high street in their lack of belief.

Ade Paul said: "As long as culture means, 38 pound shops, 14 pawn shops and people living in tents, then we got it in the bag."

Lynne Fletcher added: "If it can be turned around in time then go for it but currently Newport "city" Centre is like a ghost town, nothing but poor homeless, and drug dealers.

"Oh and a few businesses, would need a hell of a lot of work doing."


And Sabrina Pace said: "Have you been to town recently? I don’t think you’ll find anyone cultured."

There were some more positive views however.

Damian Sidney said he would be backing the big, describing it as "wonderful".

Donna Draper said: "Yes if it will help improve the city centre.

"Historical Newport has a lot to be proud of, and there are many people who life and work in newport trying to make it a better place to live. Let's go for it."

While Claire Peach added: "We have huge amounts of talent in Newport, both creative and in the supporting fields.

"The point of the City of Culture is that it helps develop and it seems a brilliant idea.

"I have friends who were living in Glasgow when they had it and they only have positives."

Lindsey Jenkins also backed the idea, saying: "Why not? It's done marvels for other cities.

"There are lots of amazing people in Newport and they and it deserve an opportunity to shine.

"It's less about what the city IS and what it can DO and BECOME. Go for it, I say! Let's support it, not knock it!"

And Jason Weeks said: "Whatever your thoughts on Newport something like this can only help the city to move forward and everyone should get behind this and support it instead of running Newport down."

What do you think of Newport's City of Culture chances?