A RESTAURANT in Newport has been temporarily closed because of the heatwave.

The Green Kitchen, on Cromwell Road, decided to close for Wednesday and Thursday as the heat made it difficult to operate.

Patricia Mellor, owner of the Green Kitchen, said: "I can't seem to be able to cool the shop at all.

"So sometimes we have temperatures of about 40 degrees in the shop.

"That is putting stress on the fridges and I need to make sure that the food is still safe for consumption.


"I cannot guarantee that if every time we open the fridge, we have a temperature of 40 degrees outside.

"The temperature just rises too quickly in the fridge and I can't keep them cool enough.

"The fridges are running as hard as you can imagine, some of them are now off and I removed some stuff from the shop because it's just impossible".

The Green Kitchen is a small bakery and takeaway that specialises in vegan goods.

The shop opened in August of last year and is almost entirely run by Ms Mellor.

Despite being closed for walk-ins, the shop is still completing catering orders for delivery.

The Green Kitchen is hoping to reopen for normal business on Friday.

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