FOOTAGE of anti-social driving can now be sent directly to the police as part of a crackdown on Gwent’s roads.

Previously, members of the public could send evidence of dangerous driving captured by dashcams to the police, as part of Operation Snap.

But now, anti-social road users can also be reported, thanks to a partnership with Go Safe.


Gwent Police chief inspector Amanda Thomas said: “Keeping our roads and communities safe is a priority for all our officers.

“Anti-social behaviour can blight communities, and when this type of behaviour moves across to our roads, it can result in harm or even worse.

“This scheme, encourages local communities to have the confidence in coming forward and reporting any concerns they might have about their streets and roads, and provide policing with the evidence required to take action.”

Footage can be submitted from many different sources, including mobile phones, dashcams, CCTV and other recording devices.

Evidence of anti-social driving can be submitted via the GoSafe website, through a simple online form.

By making a report, members of the public might be required to attend court in order to confirm the information given is accurate and represents what has happened.

Teresa Ciano, partnership manager for GoSafe Wales said: “The majority of road users use the roads across Gwent with respect and an appreciation for local communities.

“Sadly, a minority exists that puts themselves and others at risk of serious harm or worse, by driving without care and with a clear intent to display anti-social behaviour.

“This type of behaviour on our roads detrimentally impacts communities and must be tackled.

“The new scheme enables local residents to send their footage of anti-social behaviour to the police, where it can be reviewed and action taken.”