MORE than 1,000 Delta variant cases have now been recorded in Gwent, the latest weekly Public Health Wales figures show.

Across Wales, more than 2,000 cases of the Delta variant were recorded in the last seven days.

All of the 2,216 coronavirus cases in the country were classified as involving the Delta variant.

Of that number, 333 were recorded in Gwent.

That includes 99 Delta variant cases in Newport, 82 in Torfaen and 81 in Caerphilly.

There were also 40 new cases in Monmouthshire and 31 in Blaenau Gwent.

It means that the total number of Delta variant cases in Gwent has now exceeded 1,000.

This is the breakdown of the 1,104 Delta variant Covid cases in the region:

  • Caerphilly - 147
  • Newport - 268
  • Torfaen - 227
  • Monmouthshire - 151
  • Blaenau Gwent - 111


In a statement unveiling plans to remove self-isolation requirements for fully vaccinated people and under 18s, Eluned Morgan highlighted rising case rates.

The health minister said: "Case rates in Wales have been rising and consequently the number of contacts being asked to self-isolate, whether by a Test Trace Protect (TTP) contact tracer or via the NHS Covid 19 App, has also been increasing. "However it is important to note that, at the present time, case rates and contacts are not at the levels seen elsewhere in the UK."