FROM major motorways to local roads, Newport and Gwent’s roads are a vital means of getting from A to B.

But, while travel along the region’s roads is virtually unavoidable these days, it doesn’t mean that we have to like all of them.

For various reasons, some roads fall wide of the mark, and are unpopular with those who travel along them regularly.

It could be down to the amount of congestion on these roads, speed limits, speed cameras – or even concerns as to how safe they feel while travelling along these streets.

While it may prove to be impossible to quantify just what makes one road worse than another, we’ve gone down the qualitative route, with the help of Argus readers.

On Friday, July 23, we took to social media to ask our Facebook audience which road in the area is the worst – and one was mentioned significantly more than any others.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, more people named the M4 than any other road.

The region’s motorway is probably the busiest road, but the section around the Magor area doesn’t appear to have many fans.

Interestingly, our readers also decided to highlight some of the areas worst roundabouts too.

To find out which roads and motorways are the most unpopular, check out a selection of Argus reader comments below.

If your least favourite road hasn’t been mentioned, tell us in the comments section below.

The worst roads and roundabouts – as decided by you

Joe Phelps said: “A4042 McDonald’s roundabout Pontypool. It drives me insane. Literally no-one has a clue which lane to be in. Absolute nightmare.”


Ellen Shepphard said: “The Roundabout at the seven Bridge in Chepstow!

“Absolute nightmare where majority of people always go into the wrong lane, a few times I’ve had to go back around the roundabout because too many stay in the left lane, under cutting others.”

Ryan West said: “M4 and Cardiff road. As none of the roundabout changes have made it any better.”

Paul Griffin said: “M4 Tredegar Park to Magor.”

Deborah Walker said: “Chepstow high street because the council shut it so when there's an accident blocking the A48 through town the traffic has nowhere to go and it's carnage. Hate the A48 in Chepstow cause it can't cope with the volume of traffic.”

Wayne Crowbar Morgan said: “M4. Needs a bypass on it.”

Matthew Browning said: “Any M road with a 50mph on it.

“The Motorway was supposed to be a fast transportation system. Not a way of reducing pollution because people no longer live where they work.”

Rach Ford Rouse said: “All around Chepstow and M4 to Newport. Absolute nightmare.”

Luca C C Anthony said: “Tredegar Park roundabout is a sheer nightmare. There should be a road coming out of Duffryn onto the SDR with less pressure on the roundabout.

“Forge Lane. Complete nightmare.

“But the M4 always slow. No matter when you go on it. Always slow. Ridiculous it was made into 50.MPH and a relief road should be built.”

Kyle Johnson said: “M4 is the worst from Magor to Cardiff Junction it's terrible.”

Robert Stoneman said: “That’s obvious the M4.”

Luke Thompson said: “A4810 too many dangerous drivers there that overtake after 11pm very dangerously.”

Stephen Bowden said: “The lane of doom Caerleon - Malpas area.”

Paul Cottrell said: “A467 Forge Rd roundabout near Bedwas School, a God awful traffic intersection that too many drivers have no idea how to negotiate, it’s really not that difficult to follow marked out lanes.”

Paul Green said: “M4 j28 to 26.”

Gareth L Davies said: “M4 Magor to Tredegar Park and Port Talbot to Swansea…. Total waste of time. “Polluted air kills, slow down” to pollute in that area for longer?”

James Haughty said: “Junction 24 to the Bryn-Glas tunnels, no one knows how to drive that bit of road.”

Pat Smith said: “Coldra roundabout.”

Keath Llewellyn said: “A465 Gilwern to Brynmawr hate it with a passion.”

Lee Bowden said: “M4 Magor to Cwmbran, and From M49 to M5 South to Western-Super-Mare.”