AN ABERTILLERY mum's petition to get a splash pad in the town has been signed by more than 900 people.

Resident Jessica Rocke said that every time she does something with her daughter it always involves in having to travel outside of Abertillery. 

"On Monday, July 19, I decided to travel 40 minutes to another borough and town to take my daughter to a splash pad," she said. "On the way home I thought about how good this would be to have something similar within our own town.

"Unfortunately there is so much unused land within our community which could mean there is plenty of space to have something like this done."

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So far the petition has gained 924 signatures - with more rolling in all the time.

Ms Rocke told the Argus that she believes Abertillery and Blanaeu Gwent would benefit from a splash park area because residents have to travel out of their area to be able to do fun stuff with their children.

"It would also benefit the children gaining skills as well as bringing something fun to our area," she said. "It’s outdoors so it’s safer during the COVID pandemic - it will enhance children’s well-being.


"We have nothing else like this within Blaenau Gwent - this gives something fun for the children to do whilst gaining key skills at the same time."

She said the park would bring more footfall to Abertillery and would attract more people from out of town - in turn supporting local shops and businesses.

"I know this isn’t going to be an ‘overnight’ process, and could take a few years," she said. "But I hope of all the support and signatures, we will get somewhere with this."

You can read the petition here.