THE hot weather spell over Newport and Gwent has finally broken, with the region waking up to heavy rainfall.

After a number of days filled with warm temperatures and sunny spells, Tuesday (July 27) started with a familiar sight – dark grey skies and rain.

Initially forecast for the weekend, the region enjoyed a little bonus sunshine, as an initial yellow weather warning for thunder and rain passed the region by.

Temperatures are forecast to remain fairly high throughout the day, peaking at 19 degrees this evening, according to the Met Office.

Unfortunately, it may be tricky to make the most out of this, as weather conditions look set to stay miserable for most of the day.

In Newport, the rain looks set to ease up a little around lunch time, before falling once more for much of the afternoon, and into the evening.

Conditions don’t appear to be any better in the rest of the Gwent area, either.

Monmouth is currently forecast to see less rain than anywhere else – though grey skies are still very much on the agenda here too.

Notably, the forecast today is actually brighter than predictions for tomorrow’s weather (Wednesday, July 28).

According to the experts, Wednesday morning will see several hours of thunder across Newport and the rest of the region.

No weather warning has been put in place, though it is worth continuing to check in with the Met Office as the day progresses.

Hour-by-hour forecast for Tuesday July 27


9am – Light rain, 16 degrees

10am – Overcast, 16 degrees

11am – Light rain, 17 degrees

12pm – Heavy rain, 17 degrees

1pm – Cloudy, 17 degrees

2pm – Light rain, 18 degrees

3pm – Light rain, 18 degrees

4pm – Heavy rain, 18 degrees

5pm – Light shower, 18 degrees

6pm – Light shower, 19 degrees

7pm – Light shower, 19 degrees

8pm – Light shower, 18 degrees

9pm – Sunny intervals, 17 degrees

10pm – Partly cloudy, 17 degrees

11pm  - Partly cloudy, 16 degrees

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9am – Light rain, 14 degrees

10am – Light rain, 14 degrees

11am – Light rain, 15 degrees

12pm – Light rain, 15 degrees

1pm – Heavy rain, 15 degrees

2pm – Heavy rain, 15 degrees

3pm – Heavy rain, 16 degrees

4pm – Light rain, 16 degrees

5pm – Light rain, 16 degrees

6pm – Light rain, 16 degrees

7pm – Light shower, 16 degrees

8pm – Light shower, 15 degrees

9pm – Cloudy, 15 degrees

10pm – Cloudy, 14 degrees

11pm – Cloudy, 14 degrees

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9am – Heavy rain, 16 degrees

10am – Cloudy, 17 degrees

11am – Cloudy, 17 degrees

12pm – Overcast, 18 degrees

1pm – Light rain, 18 degrees

2pm – Light rain, 18 degrees

3pm – Cloudy, 18 degrees

4pm – Light rain, 19 degrees

5pm – Light rain, 18 degrees

6pm – Heavy shower, 19 degrees

7pm – Light shower, 19 degrees

8pm – Light shower, 18 degrees

9pm – Light shower, 17 degrees

10pm – Partly cloudy, 17 degrees

11pm – Partly cloudy, 16 degrees