THE "strength and bravery" of the victims of paedophile former Gwent GP Robert Wells has been praised.

Wells, who has a long record of convictions for abusing children, was found guilty today on two counts of indecency with a child and another charge of attempting to make an indecent image of a child. 

The former Caerleon GP also admitted 16 charges against three more victims, including multiple offences of indecent assault, rape and filming of a girl and her sisters who he befriended in Brighton.

Speaking after the verdict was delivered, Detective Constable Owen Watkins of Sussex Police said: "Wells was clearly a systematic and serial sexual abuser of young people, using his charm and air of professional distinction to lure them into a sense of false security, for his own gratification.

"Only one of the victims was abused by Wells acting in his official capacity as a doctor, but all the others came to know him, whether through family or work, because of his role and were clearly influenced by his status.


"These convictions, and his previous convictions, show how his appalling record goes over many years and it is reassuring for his victims, and for the wider community to know that he is going to be in no position to continue preying upon innocent people for many years to come.

"His victims in this case have given full support to the investigation. One of them, now in his thirties, gave evidence in court, and the others were ready to do so. We admire the strength and bravery shown by all of them, which was so crucial in ensuring that justice was done.

"We are also grateful to our colleagues in the Hampshire Constabulary for the assistance they have given us in this complex investigation."

Judge David Rennie told Wells he would consider all options including a life sentence.

He will be sentenced on September 6.