NEWPORT, like most towns and cities, is ever-changing.

So we decided to ask the 11,900 members of our We Grew Up in Newport Facebook group what 10 things they missed in the city.

Unsurprisingly, we've had hundreds of replies so instead of just compiling a list of 10 we've decided to publish a selection of the replies and then see if you agree...

Carole Godsall: The Westgate Hotel, King's Head Hotel. Woolworths with the wooden floor, it had a certain smell. Ford and Moore. Fond memories.

Jennifer Wareham: We miss the outdoor paddling pool at Beechwood Park. So many fabulous memories made there.

Marion Mahoney: Most of the big shops - M&S, BHS, Littlewoods. I would love to see the paddling pool open again at Tredegar Park - a lovely day out on our doorstep, only a pipe dream. I so miss John Frost Square but not fussed on Friars Walk.

South Wales Argus: John Frost Square prior to demolition working starting.

John Frost Square prior to demolition working starting

Alex Casey: TJ's, the Griffin, Rudi’s, Grooves, Scarletts, the Royal Albert, the Wimpy, the old tobacconist on Skinner Street with the bear, Chelsea Girl - so many!

Carol Boyce: The Majestic dance hall, Maindee Baths, Woolworths, M&S, Wildings, The Coliseum, Wimpy.

Glenys Cousins: I miss the atmosphere of just shopping in town with the market and high street thriving and all the hustle and bustle. It's like a ghost town now with the guts sucked out of the community.

Paul Davis: Definitely miss the old In-shops. I remember shopping in the little clothes shop at the bottom with my nan and she bought me a black shirt with flames and a car on. Thought I looked so cool.

Glyn Lewis: The Cavalier (Maindee), Wimpy, The Robin Hood, The Sovereign Bar, The Hornblower, The Albert (back bar), Rocky's.


Shelley Collins: Proper shops, John Frost Square, In-shops, splash park at Tredegar Park, the paddling pool at Beechwood Park, Maindee swimming baths, the cattle market, the old indoor market, the atmosphere especially in a Saturday in the town centre.

Faye Morgan: The clock in John Frost Square even if it did scare me. The old Kingsway Centre. I miss BHS, M&S, the underpass with the Chartist mural. And I miss the Wimpy.

South Wales Argus: OPENING: The clock in John Frost Square during its hourly display

The clock in John Frost Square during its hourly display

Helen Rowles: John Frost Square, Sovereign Bar, Stowaway/Scamps, M&S restaurant, Scarletts, Stow Hill baths.

Linda Smith: The canal and second railway that ran through the city centre. Both removed and sorely needed today. Two missed opportunities for leisure and transport in the city.

Margaret Hendy: M&S, British Home Stores, Littlewoods, Woolworths, Wildings, farmstalls in the market, Cains furniture shop.

Muhammed Jason Abdelmoteleb: Having more than one bookshop. I used to love Paperback Parade and Bookworm.

Alison Davis: Hollywood's, Reflex, C&A, Littlewoods, HMV, Our Price, Tesco when it was all of the Kingsway, the indoor market how it was years ago. The list could go on so many great memories of what we did have in Newport.

South Wales Argus:

The Chartist Mural under construction in an underpass leading to John Frost Square. Picture taken in September 1978.

Tracey Jones: It would have been lovely to have the barrage in Newport and lots of independent shops which don’t cost the earth to rent out.

Lynda Barnes: M&S, BHS, Littlewoods, Woolworths, Wildings, Stow Hill and Maindee Swimming Baths, the carnival and the parades that used to happen throughout the year.

Christine Shier: I miss M&S, Littlewoods, BHS, Wildings, Woolworths, Greggs in John Frost Square where you could sit and have pastie, chips 'n' gravy. Just miss it being a proper town.

South Wales Argus: BUSY: Littlewoods was located opposite Boots on Commercial Street, Newport

Littlewoods was located opposite Boots on Commercial Street, Newport

Jenny Carlson: Whit walks and charabanc to Whitson fields after. My childhood friends in lovely Capel Crescent. Old Mans' Park and 'Parkie. Standing on the steps of the YMCA in Commercial Street and watching the circus go by and seeing the Mayor on the steps of the YMCA taking the salute of parades. Being scared of the big drums. Ice creams in Belle Vue Park, looking at the lovely flower displays. My first time being brave enough to go up and over the top of the Transporter Bridge. Faggots and peas in the market. Learning to swim in Stow Hill baths. Watching white weddings at St Woolos Cathedral. Being in Belle Cleverleys' dance troupe, and doing shows and pantos at Standard telephones.

Brian Mohammed: Somerton Park watching Newport County.

Wyndham Sheppard: Speedway.

Kevan Peter Yates: Upstairs in the market on a Saturday with all the locally-produced veg long before farmers' markets were a thing.

Rowan Greig: The atmosphere of the old railway station. Maindee baths. Saturday morning at the Odeon. Town centre shopping, especially in the run up to Christmas with everyone happy and chatty, carollers singing in the street, brass bands playing. Everyone sat in John Frost Square eating chips from Vacaras. Walking into Woolies and being confronted with the pick and mix carousel. Littlewoods cafe. Bulmore Lido in the summer. Being able to buy or get anything fixed at Newport market. The impressive visage of the Westgate hotel and the whole town centre!