PEOPLE are campaigning for safety improvements to a "treacherous" junction after a child was knocked over by a car.

The St Athan/Gilestone monument junction has been deemed dangerous by members of the community with regular "near misses" and a recent incident which saw a nine-year-old boy knocked over by a car.

Resident Melanie Jones recalled the harrowing incident in which her nine-year-old son, Caiden Gratton, was hit.

Ms Jones said: “Caiden wanted to walk home from school with his friends and I kept saying no.

“I finally agreed on the condition that I followed. He was with me and I had to pop in the Co-Op so told him to wait for his friends, but they went off on their bikes and he followed.

“Someone ran to me and said ‘are you Caiden’s mum? He’s been hurt’ – it was my worst nightmare, I was only 30 seconds away.

“He’d been knocked off his feet and he wasn’t moving at first.”

Fortunately, Caiden wasn’t seriously hurt but he was shocked and scared by the ordeal – he’d only looked one way when crossing, then spotted the car coming towards him.


He hesitantly tried to turn back but changed his mind and tried to run.

“We’d been practicing crossing roads, but he didn’t look both ways,” said Ms Jones.

“That junction is treacherous, and we were meant to cross it together. It’s bad enough to drive along, let alone walk.

“I knew the driver and it wasn’t her fault – she’d been driving at around 30mph, but people not used to the junction come around at higher speeds; it’s nerve wracking.”

Ms Jones was already cautious of the junction, due to her suffering a minor crash on the road a few years back in foggy conditions. Fortunately, she was travelling slowly or “it could’ve been worse”.

The “lucky escape” with her son, on May 6 at around 3.30pm, was “traumatic” and – although he wasn’t injured – has caused anxiety for the family.

Members of the community have now rallied to show support for safety improvements to the junction, with suggestions that there have been many near-misses and incidents over the years.

Ms Jones suggested introducing traffic lights or a pelican crossing and emphasised that – with the development of social housing – there has been an increase in footfall and traffic in the area.

Another member of the community, Tarrant Bowring, has petitioned the Vale of Glamorgan Council to install a roundabout - you can sign the petition here

And Jane Hutt MS has backed the campaign to make the junction safer.

Ms Hutt said: "I was pleased to meet with residents and get a clear picture of the road safety issues being faced at the Monument Junction. I will be following up with the Vale Council and Police to ensure that residents' views are heard.

Vale of Glamorgan Council and South Wales Police have been contacted for comment, along with St Athan Community Council.