FOOTBALL club Newport Corinthians AFC are celebrating their 60th anniversary with a new shirt sponsored by legendary city rap troupe Goldie Lookin Chain.

The shirt was made by Tor Sports and includes an imprint of the Transporter Bridge as the team play in the shadow of the famous landmark at Coronation Park.

Newport-based businesses Inspired Business Media and Sugarbeard also feature on the new blue shirt.

First team co-manager Rhys Hussain said: "We're proud to play in Newport and wanted to showcase more of what it had to offer whether that be our famous sportsmen, musicians or landmarks.

"After seeing the success of Rogerstone AFC's shirts alongside Newport brewery, Tiny Rebel we realised there was an interest across the globe in our city and nice football shirts."

Mr Hussain and the other first team manager Richard Doody came up with the idea to make "the ultimate Newport shirt" and reached out to Tor Sports founder, Will Morgan and discussed the idea with him.

Mr Morgan created some designs for the new shirt making it 'an ode to Newport' style shirt.

"We thought 'okay we've got the Transporter Bridge on it, it's already got Newport-based companies, we still need something else'," said Mr Hussain.

"Then I thought to try and get Goldie Lookin Chain - that's about as Newport as you can get.

"There's a few people here who know Adam from GLC, so we just reached out to them, they listened to our idea and they were keen to support us.

"They always want to get involved in in the local communities, they said, even though they can't play football at all to save their lives.

"They said 'we'll wear the shirts' and I think they've got tour coming up."

GLC famously sponsored the shirts of Newport County during the 2004-05 season.

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The shirts are currently only available for pre-order until August 8 and cost £35.

The Corinthians will get the playing shirts in September and are planning a photoshoot alongside GLC.

Newport Corinithians, affectionately known as the Corries, were established in 1961 and currently have 15 teams, including four senior teams.

The club has an illustrious past and played Johan Cruyff's Ajax in 1967.

They now compete in the Gwent Premier League and are hoping to progress into the Welsh League.

"Almost everyone in South Wales and the Newport area tend to know somebody who's played for the Corries," said Mr Hussain.

"There's like a family feel at our club so what we wanted to do was just try and bring that back really.

"Our club holds a place in so many hearts across South Wales and many players join Newport Corinthians because of previous generations in their family being here right at the very beginning of it all.  

"We want to showcase more of what Newport has to offer.

"We want to continue to grow and get people over at the club and get to Welsh League status."