A PROTEST against an alleged paedophile which took place in Pembroke last night, July 28, has been described by police as a case of mistaken identity.

Up to 50 people protested outside a property in Grove Way, on the assumption that a registered sex offender lived at the address.

Police attended the scene and informed the protesters that this was not, in fact, the case.

A 59-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of inciting people to gather with intention of causing damage to a property.

Officers are said to be at the scene today (Thursday, July 29).

Superintendent Anthony Evans released a statement about the event, saying: “Dyfed-Powys Police was made aware of a protest against an alleged registered sex offender taking place outside an address in Grove Way, Pembroke, at approx. 8.15pm last night (Wednesday, July 28).

"Initially there were about 20 to 30 people outside the address, but this then increased to around 50.

"It was quickly established that this protest was arranged by an online child abuse activist group.


“Officers were soon at the scene, and engaging with the organisers and those present. Enquiries were made based on the allegations of the protesters, and it was confirmed that this was a case of mistaken identity - the person they were targeting does not reside at the address, or have any links to the address. Officers informed the protesters and organisers of this fact.

“A 59-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of inciting people to gather with intention of offences being caused against persons or property, encouraging/assisting the commission of harassment and affray.

“This is a sad and disturbing case of an innocent person being wrongly targeted by this group and subjected to abuse and harassment, based on incorrect information.

"This incident has caused significant distress to the innocent individual concerned and their family”.

“Officers will be present in the area today to provide reassurance to the resident and to the community.”