A RISCA boy picked up his crayons and made a brand-new piece of art every day in July after being inspired by his sister’s fundraising efforts last year.

Gruff Downer, six, has been drawing a picture every day throughout July with the aim of raising funds for LATCH Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity, which looked after a family friend’s young son who died of a rare form of cancer.

Mum Jen said Gruff had been inspired after his older sister Ffion took on a hula hooping challenge of 100 rotations a day every day during July last year to raise money for the charity, raising a total of £1,660.

“He wanted to raise money for them the same as his sister did, to remember their friend, but wanted to do it his own way," she said.

“He just absolutely loves drawing – in some ways its barely been a challenge at all because he draws every day anyway, sometimes he’s drawing as soon as he wakes up in the morning, before anyone else is even up.”

South Wales Argus: Gruff's Mr Men drawingGruff's Mr Men drawing

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Mrs Downer and husband Matthew are sharing Gruff’s drawings on a Facebook fundraiser which has so far raised £1,010.

You can view his drawings and donate here.


South Wales Argus:

Gruff is also thinking of putting his favourite pictures from the challenge into a calendar for 2022, although he loves all of the ones he’s done so far, but some of his favourites include his drawing of Mr Men, a self-portrait, jungle animals, bugs, sea creatures, pirate ship and a paddling pool.