THE Welsh Government has said it has no plans “currently” to introduce congestion charges on the M4.

Following reports on social media that residents were being surveyed about the possibility of introducing charges on the M4, the Welsh Government said it was not planning to introduce a congestion charge.

However, a Welsh Government spokesman did confirm that charging drivers for using 'clean air zones' on the M4 at Newport, between junctions 25 and 26, and the A470, between Upper Boat and Pontypridd, was one of the questions residents were asked about.

The South East Wales Transport Commission had highlighted a congestion charge as a way to reduce traffic on the M4 at Newport following the decision to scrap the M4 relief road plan.

However, in its final report – published in November – the commission recommended such a charge should not be introduced unless a UK-wide scheme of "road user charging" was announced.

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A Welsh Government spokesman said: “There are currently no plans for congestion charges on the M4.

“In a separate piece of work, in line with our legal obligations to reduce harmful levels of nitrogen dioxide, we have commissioned surveys to gain people’s views on clean air zone proposals on the M4 between junctions 25 and 26 in Newport and on the A470 between Upper Boat and Pontypridd.”


As well as asking opinions on charging drivers for using clean air zones, the survey also featured questions relating to behaviours including use of public transport, current vehicles driven, whether people had plans to replace their vehicle with a low or ultra-low emission vehicle, and whether drivers would seek alternative routes to avoid the clean air zones, the Welsh Government confirmed.

Clean air zones, or low emission zones, are specific areas where there is an aim of reducing emissions.

Powers under the Transport Act 2000 allow local authorities and Welsh ministers to introduce charges for using or keeping vehicles on these roads, and impose a charge for every parking space provided by an employer.