SENEDD Member for South East Wales, Natasha Asghar, recently joined members of Newport Cricket Club for their BAME Cricket Festival.

The festival included taster sessions and matches throughout the day with fully qualified coaches.

While there Ms Asghar heard from members of the National Asian Cricket Council about their aims for cricket in and around Newport, including creating a new BAME women’s team - a move she encourages.

After meeting with local members Ms Asghar heard of their fundraising initiative to install a defibrillator on their grounds.

She has shown support for the cause and, on hearing that they were short of their fundraising target, promised to personally cover the remaining cost.


Ms Asghar said: "It was great to visit the Newport Cricket Club BAME day, with matches and introductory sessions for all.

"I was delighted to meet member of the Llandaff Women’s Cricket Team who are inspiring more women from BAME backgrounds to get into playing sport.

"I was disappointed to hear that many members felt cricket is a dying sport, so I welcome their plans to reintroduce an indoor training area so that members can continue to reap the mental and physical benefits of sport throughout the winter months.

“While talking with members I learned of their recent Defibrillator fundraising campaign and am happily personally donating funds to hit their target and provide members with an important safety feature.”

The BAME Cricket Festival took place on Tuesday, July 27.