THE family of a Newbridge man missing for almost nine years have made a direct appeal on what would have been his 33rd birthday to the parents of those involved in his disappearance to end their agony and tell the authorities what they know.

Kyle Vaughan was 24 when he was last seen on December 30, 2012. Aunt Kath Beddis made the direct appeal to the mums of those who were involved to get in touch with the police, even if it is anonymously.

She said: “From what I’ve been told, a few of the parents who know what happened have been having a guilty conscience.

“Please just call the police, even if it is anonymously. I don’t care about the justice side of things; I just want to be able to bury Kyle and bring him, Mary and Alan and all our family peace.”

Ms Beddis urged them to speak out as mums imagining how they would feel if they were in the family’s place, relating to her sister Mary Lucas who died following a cancer battle in January 2018 without knowing where her son was.

“As a mum, how can you let another mum die without knowing where her son is?”


Dad Alan Vaughan has been continuing the fight to find his son – with a week-long appeal made by Missing Adults & Children in the UK on social media highlighting the campaign. “The Missing Adults & Children and the press have been a huge help in our campaign to get Kyle’s body home,” he said, although frustrated at the lack of answers and the lack of contact from the police force.

"The one thing that keeps me going is walking into the living room and seeing Mary and Kyle's pictures," he said. 

“It amazes me how it has gone on so long,” said Ms Beddis. “So many people know what happened and we expected it to be over quite quickly because of that but no-one has said anything and we’re still waiting.”

Mr Vaughan was last seen on the A467 between Risca and Crosskeys by two undertakers - and his car was found on the road around 11.45pm on the same night. The investigation quickly turned from a missing person to a murder investigation.

No charges have been brought and no body has been found.

Detective Chief Superintendent Nicky Brain, Gwent Police’s head of crime, said:

“Our investigation into what happened to Kyle that night in December remains very much active. Eight years on and we remain in regular contact with Kyle’s family.

“Any information we receive from members of the public is recorded and investigated by officers on our major incident team.

“This has obviously been an extensive enquiry. To date; 40 areas have been searched, in excess of 200 people interviewed, more than 180 intelligence logs submitted and nearly 900 witness statements taken.

“Unfortunately though, we still don’t have the answers we need and Kyle’s family so desperately want.

“We are still keen to receive any information that may assist our enquiries, however minor you may feel it is.

“Anyone with any information can call us on 101 or alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”