THE summer holidays are here, and for most, overseas travel is off the table this year.

Instead, 2021 has seen the resurgence of Staycations, with domestic holidays in high demand.

Unfortunately, many hotels, B&Bs and rentals are long sold out, leaving many to turn to the great outdoors for an alternative.

Maybe not the most fashionable getaway of them all, but camping is an extremely popular pick this summer.

And, thanks to a new sleep study, it looks set to be even more of an attractive proposition.

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American sleep and wellness platform Sleep Junkie has announced that as part of a new study, they are hiring a family of four to spend three nights all-expenses paid, at a camping site of their choice.

If that wasn’t enough, the family will also be paid £1,088 (or $1,500).

The participants have to record their experience of sleeping outdoors, measuring how factors such as temperature, noise, and humidity levels affect their sleep.

According to the organisers, the overall aim is to see what the impact outdoor sleeping has on people’s health, wellbeing, and mental state.

It is hoped that a participating family will be lined up by Saturday, August 14, with the study starting in early September.

Participating adults must be at least 21 years old, speak fluent English and have access to camping equipment.

The family should also not be ‘experts’ in outdoor sleeping, so that the study can be authentic when tracking differences in sleeping. The position is open globally, meaning anyone who fits this criteria can apply regardless of their location. 

During their application, families must submit a headshot and a link to a 60-second introduction video, where they can talk about why they believe they would be suited for the position.

More information including how to sign-up, can be found here.

Dorothy Chambers, of Sleep Junkie, said: “At Sleep Junkie our mission has always been to improve people’s sleep, regardless of their age, gender or location and this goal has never wavered. That’s why we’re continuing our quest to find the optimal sleeping environments for people universally, and  how sleeping outdoors specifically affects people.

“We want to get going with this study before Autumn gets into full swing, so we’re hopeful we can find the right candidates as soon as possible.”