PETITIONS are a regular part of our democracy but a new campaign before the Senedd has to be one of the most bizarre in the history of the Welsh parliament.

A petition has appeared on the Senedd’s website demanding that all depictions of the Welsh dragon have a penis.

The petition so far has 21 signatures, just 9,979 short of going before a sitting of the Welsh parliament for debate.

Another 29 signatures and it will be looked at by the Senedd’s petitions committee.

The petition states: “Within symbology, an erect penis depicts fertility and strength, when applied to a royal insignia, it's even more important because in order to show a leader's capability in sustaining a kingdom, this has to be conveyed via simple imagery, thus... when the dragon is erect, it portrays dominance and leadership, but when the penis is missing, this portrays the creature (the nation) as dominated, weak and fragile.”

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The petition is listed among other worthy causes such as a ban on jetskis, a ban on in lead in ammunition and a request to have throwlines at all sites of open water.

These other causes have significantly more support than the phalluses for dragons demand.

It added: “When the Royal Mint depict our dragon, they recognise that he has a penis, but for some reason, our government does not, and although some may find the topic amusing, this imagery is important if we are to carry on flying it for centuries to come.”

The petition can be found at:

This article originally appeared on our sister site The National.