A RETIRED Chepstow policeman who helped a stranded couple get onto their honeymoon in 1994 has said their recollection of events will remain with him.

Last month, a caller to BBC Radio 4's Saturday Live show, Jane Davidson, got in touch to thank the police officer – who she only knew as PC123 at Chepstow Police Station – saying that she didn't get a chance to properly thank him for going "so far beyond his job" for her and her husband.

Mrs Davidson and her husband were travelling to Bristol Airport to jet off to Paris after tying the knot in January 1994, but their car broke down and burst into flames just before reaching Chepstow.


PC123 arrived on the scene, having called the fire service, and upon hearing the couple’s situation got them to Chepstow Police Station, and then on to Bristol Airport – having phoned ahead to arrange for them to go through the cargo entrance so they would not miss their flight.

Mike Hayward, the former PC123, said the couple’s recollection of events will always remain with him.

“At the time I was just glad that no-one was hurt and that I was able to help the newly-weds to complete their honeymoon,” he said.

“It was so nice of them to remember and take the time to mention my assistance.

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“I was happy to be able to help and that I am remembered for doing so.

“Their recollection will remain with me with a smile.”

Calling in to BBC Radio 4, Mrs Davidson said: "Every single year, on our wedding anniversary on January 29, I think of PC123.

“This man went so far beyond doing his job, but doing all of that meant that he saved our honeymoon.

“We would not have had it without him and now I just want to say thank you."