A DEALER who started to traffic drugs to help him fund his out of control £40,000-a-year cocaine habit has been jailed.

Carl Kehoe, 32, was arrested after he was caught with a large bundle of cash in the Duffryn area of Newport, prosecutor Nuhu Gobir said.

The defendant was a passenger in a Ford Focus whose driver was pulled over by Sergeant Ioan Williams and Police Constable Joseph Little for speeding.

There was a strong smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle and Kehoe was found with £3,870 in bank notes that were stashed in a rucksack.


Mr Gobir told Cardiff Crown Court: “The defendant said to the officers, ‘I’ve got a bit of cash. It’s a couple of quid to buy a car.’

“The prosecution says this was the proceeds of his drug dealing.

“The defendant said he was going to buy a car and said, ‘What I do with my own money is up to me. I’ve just had £5,000 in inheritance.’”

Kehoe was arrested and his home in Newport’s Sir Charles Crescent was searched.

Police found a further £4,700 in cash and 37.9 of cocaine of a purity of 77 per cent with a potential street value of £5,000.

Officers also recovered 277g of cannabis worth up to £2,770.

Kehoe, formerly of Newport, now of Langley Close, Magor, Monmouthshire, admitted possession of cocaine with intent to supply and possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

He also pleaded guilty to possession of criminal property.

The offences took place on April 24, 2020.

The defendant had four previous convictions for five offences, including possession of cannabis.

David Pinnell, representing Kehoe said: “He was chasing drugs all the time and it overtook his life.

“His life did hit rock bottom in the drug world.”

His barrister said his client had been addicted to cocaine but had now kicked the habit.

Judge David Wynn Morgan told Kehoe: “You are being punished for dealing on quite a substantial scale.

“You said you were spending nearly £40,000 a year on a class A drug habit.”

The defendant was jailed for four years.

The judge ordered the forfeiture of the cash – a total of £8,570 – which he said would be handed over to Gwent Police’ drugs squad.