BUZZARD Buzzard Buzzard have announced they will be the first Welsh band to play a live show again in Cardiff after the national lockdown.

The historic show will take place in the iconic 1,500 capacity outdoor setting of Cardiff Castle on Friday, August 27.

The event is part of a Cardiff Council plan developed with Cardiff Music Board to put culture at the heart of the city’s recovery from the pandemic and welcome live music back to Wales.

Frontman Tom Rees said: "We haven’t played in Cardiff since Tyler, The Creator released Igor so it feels only right that we should make a massive overstep and play the biggest venue we could get our hands on."

Latest single Crescent Man vs Demolition Dan is inspired by the real-life politics of Cardiff, where a beloved street of independent businesses was demolished despite the protests of the local community, and follows a fictional superhero (Crescent Man) and villain (Demolition Dan) narrative.

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Mr Rees said: "There’s a street in Cardiff called Guildford Crescent that was recently demolished to make way for some high-rise monstrosity that left a long line of independent businesses dead and buried.

"Cardiff is kind of morphing into such a culturally devoid hellscape littered with boarded up venues and sun-blocking student residencies, that the only solution the mind can conjure is relying on the intervention of some all powerful superhero capable of turning back time or maybe allocating public funds responsibly.

"Most annoyingly while we all acknowledge that a superhero could never exist, the villain still does - they knocked down an established music venue and a family owned restaurant, leaving the facade to tremble in the shadow of what antiquated structure will presumably tower over it, much like how a fox would leave an excess of dead chickens lying in the pen, just to remind you who’s boss.

He concludes: "All this said though I certainly don’t know what the answer is, if protest doesn’t work then what will? We’re not all going to run for office in a hurry, or maybe we should? Should I practise that thumb-on-top-of-your-fist-I’m-an-honest-and-non-confrontational-person hand gesture thing? I don’t even know how to rack up expenses."


Tickets are avaiable here.