MARK Drakeford hasn’t ruled out the possibility of vaccine passports in Wales in the future.

However, the first minister said that plans would have to pass “quite a high threshold” to be implemented.

Mr Drakeford was speaking at today’s Welsh Government coronavirus briefing when he was asked about earlier comments which hinted at the introduction of vaccine passports at hospitality settings such as pubs.

In response, he said: “I was making a distinction between places that we all have to visit – and there will be no plans in Wales for those places you have to visit – and places you attend entirely voluntarily.

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“I was saying there were different considerations that need to be made.

“You have to think about whether the very considerable apparatus that would need to be in place to make sure the certificates are produced and policed, and not open to fraud.

“You would have to weigh all those things up before you could say if that measure had more advantages than disadvantages.”


However, the first minister stressed that any decision wouldn’t be made imminently but it would be considered.

He added: “We are not at that point in Wales, and won’t be for a number of weeks, but we will weigh it up.

“It is quite a high threshold that you would have to get to, even in those voluntary settings.”