LAST week, the Argus revealed that the swimming pool at the Newport Centre would not be reopening, and our readers have had their say.

The city’s only dedicated leisure swimming pool has been closed since the start of the pandemic, and, while its long-term future has always been uncertain, it is now confirmed that it will not be used again.

In the long term, it was determined that the cost of repairs and maintenance would be too high to bring it back into use.

Instead, it will remain empty and disused until the entire Newport Centre is demolished and replaced with a state-of-the-art leisure centre a short distance away.

But, until then, the closure of the pool leaves a void in the city centre, and it is one that Argus readers have strong feelings about.

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While the city has three other swimming facilities which are open and accessible to the public, the others are primarily used for lane swimming and classes, rather than for a family fun day out.

As a result, generations of people from across the city will have memories of visiting the city centre pool.

Taking to social media, Argus readers have shared their memories, and reacted to news of the closure.

You can check out a selection of the comments below.

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Argus readers react to Newport Centre pool closure

The following comments were posted to the South Wales Argus's Facebook posts. You can join in the conversation here.

Hayley Colraine said: “Such a shame, I remember it opening, the pool wave machine, Tae Kwondo classes, a wedding reception & seeing great concerts in my teenage years.”

Rebecca Louise said: “This pool has special memories for me as my grandad designed it. Right to the octopus tiles and adding the slide. Will be sorry to see it all replaced.”

June Clark said: “Shame, I was living in Newport when it opened and remember early morning swimming, film club, fencing club, and a few gigs especially a group from South Africa with wellie boot dancers.”

Steph Parsons said: “It only opened in 1985. It was one of the first places I travelled to independently from Cwmbran by bus as a teenager. The wave machine was 'state of the art ' at the time. It's a shame.”

Richard Beddow said: “That is so sad. I can remember when it opened and we had to queue around the building for a timeslot to get in.”

Jan Wainwright said: “Shame, only built in early 80's, loved the step fitness classes there after work with friends. Later mum & baby swimming sessions. Hard to believe no longer fit for purpose. Hope they manage to provide some sports facility there.”

Gemma Alyce Sandhu said: “Such a shame. The walk-in pool was brilliant! So much easier and safer than slippy steps!”

Emma Wood said: “My fiancé used to work here as a swimming teacher and I was hoping to use the facility myself in the near future! What a shame!”

Alison Dean said: “Wow that’s another piece of my history going! Firstly I was responsible for the filing of all its architectural papers during its conception and build! Saw some great gigs there and swam there too.”

Troy Davies said: “Wow.. another end of an era. Spent most of my childhood going there every weekend, swimming then upstairs for chips in the café.”

Kelly Garland said: “I spent every Saturday or Sunday here as a kid. Swim here, then go into Kingsway food court for dinner.”

Sally Keenan said: “This is so utterly devastating to hear. This was such a focal point for so many family in the area over the past 30 years and gave so many job opportunities to young teenagers in the area. I worked as a life guard for many years and managed to pay for my tuition through university whilst gaining great life skills. I’m so deeply disappointed to hear this news.”

Paul Nocivelli said: “Sad sad news. I loved the thrill of changing my coloured band to sneak another hour.”

Nick Clarke said: “Sad! Great times there as a kid!”

Brenda Robinson said: “Such a shame. I worked for Wimpey who built Newport Centre. There were only two secretaries on site but we saw all around the building work wearing our hard hats!”

Gareth Leek said: “When it 1st opened and they gave you a coloured band to wear. When your colour went up it was time to get out. So we'd put them round our ankles where the guard couldn't see them lol.”

Samantha Sands said: “Loved it here as a kid. The sound before the waves came on, the slide and sausage and chips in the cafe upstairs after a swim. Even had to be saved by a lifeguard once when my brother nearly accidentally drowned me! A shame to see it go.”

Glyn Price said: “Going to miss this pool. Part of my childhood and great memories in there. Such a shame.”

Tom Whittaker said: “The fear of being eaten alive by the sharks that definitely lived behind the metal bars of the wave machine in the deep end.”

Kirsty Lawrence said: “This place was my life. I trained there, worked there, laughed there met so many friends there.”