A SOUTH Wales restaurant is offering a new service delivering fresh sushi across the area.

Lloyd Watkins, director of Tenkaichi Sushi & Noodle Bar in Cardiff first decided to take a
closer look at the takeaway market for sushi during the initial lockdown.

He said: "My daughter kept telling me about the great restaurant-quality food, she was getting delivered to her door and suggested that our Sushi might present a delivery business opportunity.


"She felt that high-quality Sushi and Sashimi was generally unavailable unless you happen to live very close to a Sushi restaurant and so able to order from one of the big delivery aggregators.

"She said, Chain Sushi or Supermarket Sushi is machine-made and not so fresh and suggested that there must be an unmet demand for the quality of Sushi we have been known for, over the past 20 years."

The service, called Sushi Wales, currently only operates in Cardiff, but plans are afoot to expand further in South and Mid Wales - and further afield.

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