RESIDENTS of Forge Mews in Newport, who were left stranded after a bridge was closed last week, can now access their homes by car again after a new vehicle access point was built.

Old Bassaleg Bridge was closed by the council on Friday, August 6, after an inspection  revealed it was in danger of collapsing under its own weight.

Residents of Forge Mews can normally only access the road either by foot over a long footbridge, or by driving over Old Bassaleg Bridge.

The residents were ‘strongly advised’ by the council to move as emergency services would not be able to access the road, but several households chose to stay.

Now, the council has announced that they have built an access point for vehicles to go through so the residents who left can now leave their temporary accommodation and go home.

The access point has been built at the top of the street away from the bridge next to the A467 Rogerstone bypass.

The A467 has been reduced to one lane northbound and the speed limit reduced to 30mph. Only vehicles needing to enter and exit Forge Mews are allowed to use the left-hand lane of the A467 between the Forge Road roundabout and Chartist Drive roundabout.

The council say this information is clearly signposted and that the measures will remain in place until Old Bassaleg Bridge is deemed safe to reopen – a process that could take months.


Some residents have complained that they were not asked for permission for the access point to be built on their property, but accept that there was no choice but to build it.

Mobility scooters are not permitted to use the access point.