A DECISION on whether to level a Cwmbran school’s sports pitch after unauthorised works resulted in “an unacceptable level of overlooking to the neighbouring properties” has been deferred so councillors can see the site.

Torfaen County Borough Council’s planning committee decided to defer the application to re-level Croesyceiliog School’s sports pitch.

Works on a new school at the Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School site have been completed, but now there are plans to level the sports pitch to the north west of the school site. This work was not included in the original application.

A report says the pitch has “always sloped” and “re-levelling works were undertaken in the autumn of last year to address this issue, without the benefit of planning consent”.

The work resulted in a flat pitch, but created some issues along the western boundary.

In the planning committee meeting, a neighbour – Nathan Morgan – whose property borders that boundary, said the re-levelling was a “shock”.

He said: “When the fields were re-levelled it was a bit of a shock to them.

“They (the students) were looking directly at mum and dad in their garden.

“It was a bit alarming for them.”


Mr Morgan said he wanted their outlook “not to be hampered too much”. 

A report on the plans says: “A particular issue arose along the western boundary of the site where levels at some points were raised by as much as 1.8 metres.

“This led to a situation whereby the ground level of the pitch was at the same height as the top of the boundary fence of the adjacent properties, giving rise to an unacceptable level of overlooking of those dwellings and their private garden space.”

To rectify the situation, a bund – a stone or earth embankment – would be built along the western boundary, which would extend one metre above the existing ground level on the pitch.

The size of the pitch will be reduced slightly to accommodate the bund.

There are also plans to have landscaping to “soften the visual impact”.

In the meeting councillors called for a site visit.

Cllr Fay Jones questioned whether the bund would lead to flooding.

She said: “I am really pleased we are taking residents’ concerns on board

“I am glad we are being so considerate of the residents

“My only concerns about the bund is would that lead to flooding?”

The committee members were reassured that drainage was already in place.

Cllr Huw Bevan said: “Given there has been extensive consultation between the applicant and the residents there as well it seems to be an acceptable solution in this instance to have a bund.”

However, a decision was made to defer the decision so councillors could visit the site and see the issues that the neighbouring properties are currently facing regarding the level of the sports pitch.