A TRAMPOLINE club is looking for a new home in Newport after the pandemic left them needing to temporarily use another club’s venue.

Usk Valley Trampoline Club has been using Cwmbran High School as their normal venues in Pontypool and Newport have been used as vaccination halls.

Barbara Digby-North is a high-level trampolining coach and has been running the club since 1998.

Ms Digby-North said: “The pandemic was really difficult.

“Only in June this year were we able to temporarily train at another venue, so the easing of restrictions hasn’t helped at the moment as we still have nowhere to go.

“We are grateful that we can currently hire equipment from another club and use their venue but this is not ideal.

“It is also more expensive as we cannot use our own equipment - we have tried to find other venues where we could do this but no school or hall wants to store all the heavy trampolines end decks and mats needed.

“The plan going forward is to find a suitable venue, ideally in the Newport area, as the children are loyal and have followed me to Cwmbran but there are many who cannot as it is not even their normal day to train.”

The club prides itself on being unique as they allow all abilities, including disabled people, to join and take part in sessions.

Although the club enters many competitive events, no child is pressured into competing and children who just want to have a bit of fun, maintain fitness and learn a few moves are encouraged to join.

Children can follow the British Gymnastics Trampoline Award Scheme award and take GCSE and Duke of Edinburgh assessments.

“We take all children and help them to gain what they want to from the sport," said Ms Digby-North

“Although I am a high-level coach able to take children to the top level of British trampolining I do not take a select group, I like to see what everyone is doing and teach all moves properly to a high standard right from the start.

“If children improve they have a good basis to start learning competitive routines and be entered for events, subject to the required standard being reached, if the child wants to of course as not all children are interested in competing even if they are good enough!”


Before the pandemic, the club were poised to enter the National Development.

Although the children only have two hours a week of training, there has been sustained success with the junior team winning medals in events and finishing high in national rankings.

The numbers of people attending sessions is low in summer, but more people are expected to join in the autumn.

If interested, people should contact Ms Digby-North on 07952584240.