AN ABERSYCHAN pub has become the latest business in Torfaen to install live-saving equipment for the community.

The Rising Sun has installed a defibrillator outside on the entrance to the pub.

The pub’s owner, Gerwyn Evans, said that he hopes it will never be used, but that it was important to make sure the kit was available in case of an emergency.


“I was approached by a local businesswoman and she mentioned the idea to me about the possibility of setting a defibrillator at the pub,” he said.

“Dylan Thompson, from South Wales Woodcraft – who did the bar for us and the swings – searched for one, and fitted it free of charge, which was nice of him.

South Wales Argus: The newly installed defibrillator at The Rising Sun in Abersychan.The newly installed defibrillator at The Rising Sun in Abersychan.

“It’s fully automatic. This one comes with child pads as well.

“The machine will be available 24/7. There are a number around now, but you cannot get to all of them if the buildings aren’t open.

“The more that are available the better.

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“It’s another good thing for the community. Hopefully it will never get used.

“It’s in a highly visible place – people have to walk past it when they come into the pub – so hopefully people will know that it’s there.”

Mr Evans added that they would be collecting on the bar to raise funds for any replacement pads.

Elsewhere in Torfaen, the managers of the Queen Victoria Inn in Blaenavon have embarked upon a campaign to ensure the whole town has access to outdoor defibrillators in case of an emergency.