A COUNCIL has dismissed concerns over the safety of a piece of play equipment in a Caerphilly park - saying it has actually gone further than needed in making sure it is safe.

Concerns have been raised over a swing-style ride called Mobilus, which youngsters can sit on and get pushed around in a circle. It sits in Morgan Jones Park, Caerphilly.

The ride has a fence circling it with a gap to allow children through.

A concerned mum contacted Plaid Cymru councillor Phil Bevan about the potential danger of children being hit if they walked into the area the ride is located in.

Cllr Bevan said: “I visited the site on a Saturday morning and can see exactly what the problem is. It definitely needs a gate and a larger circle painted on the ground to indicate the full arc of the arms on the ride.”

“While I was there a little fellow about four or five-years-old, entered the fenced area and started to walk towards the ride.

“Fortunately, a lady stopped him and asked me if I was with him, and she held the child back.

“I will also ask if the speed of rotation can be slowed down somehow, as it spins kinetically and responds to the energy imported by mum or dad. I think there should be a controlled speed on the rotation if at all possible.”

Caerphilly County Borough Council responded with a statement saying that there is no design requirement for a barrier around it and therefore the fact they have implemented a barrier exceeds the requirements.

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The statement said: “The unit is designed for five to 12-year-olds and has been installed at hundreds of playgrounds across the UK without reports of serious injury. There is no design requirement for any form of physical barrier or gate to be installed around the unit to protect users from collision or to segregate it from other pieces of equipment.

“Good design practice is to have such items installed in the corners of playgrounds away from desire lines through the site and appropriately distanced from equipment designed for younger users. The toddler area in Morgan Jones Park is suitably distanced from the Mobilus and in addition a fence has been provided around the unit which limits and slows access towards the equipment and exceeds the requirements.”


Cllr Bevan said in response: “This is an accident waiting to happen. I am not sure where we can go from here, but I will be seeking some sort of solution. It would be a shame if somebody has to get hurt before anything is done.

“I am seeking advice from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents as they cover playgrounds, to see if the opinion of the council is acceptable to them.

“The council can use their explanation to tell us that the ride is safe, which I agree with. It is the access to it that gives me and the mother who reported it some cause for concern.

“It appears to be a bit silly if the ride is surrounded by fencing to stop people walking into its area of reach, yet allow an area of access to have no gate?

“If we as a council take measures that ‘exceeds the requirements’, i.e. close the access to young wanderers, then we will be acting responsibly in my opinion.”