WITH tears in his eyes, Hollywood actor Elijah Wood revealed his affection for 1970s Welsh band Brân.

But rather than this being a moment of sentiment or high emotion, the Lord of the Rings star was instead fighting to overcome the effects of a 135,600-Scoville chilli sauce he had just eaten.

Mr Wood was being interviewed on Youtube channel First We Feast, where celebrity guests answer questions while eating progressively spicier chicken wings.

The actor, from Iowa, is also an avid record collector, and he name-dropped the Welsh rockers shortly after trying an intimidating-sounding sauce called Da Bomb.

Asked which original pressing in his vinyl collection had required the most time and effort to track down, Mr Wood said: "There's a 45" [record] by a Welsh band called Brân – like a psychedelic Welsh band – that I've had difficulty tracking down.

"That's very good and I have that now."

Brân started out in the mid-1970s, incorporating the sounds of the flute and the Celtic harp into their music and building up a following around Wales over the next few years, releasing three albums and winning the 1975 Song for Wales competition.

And news of Mr Wood's fondness for the band's music was warmly received online, where people were surprised – and delighted – to learn of the connection.

You can see the full interview with Elijah Wood here (questions about his record collection begin at 18:20 – interview contains some strong language).

This article originally appeared on our sister site The National.