A RETAILER in Newport is currently selling a “very limited” number of PlayStation 5 consoles.

The video game device has been in extremely high demand since its release in November 2020, and has been known to sell out within minutes.

But now, gamers in Newport might have a chance to get their hands on one of the prized possessions, with retailer Game revealing that they currently have a small number in stock.

In a post on social media earlier this afternoon (Wednesday, August 18), the retailer revealed that they have “VERY limited stock of the PlayStation 5 digital consoles”.

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Anyone interested in purchasing one is urged to visit the store as quickly as possible for further information.

The post in full, reads: “We have VERY limited stock of the PlayStation 5 digital consoles.

“Come on down to the store for some more information!”

Two versions of the PlayStation 5 console were released, to huge fanfare, last year.

These were the standard edition, and the digital edition, with the primary difference being that the digital version does not come with a disk drive, and as such, no physical copies of games can be used with it.

But, the trade off is that this version of the console is typically cheaper, with a retail price of £360, compared to £450 for the standard version.

However, with such limited supply, third party sellers have been known to radically inflate the prices of both versions, with some selling for as much as £650 online at this time.

More information about Game’s stock can be found online here.