WITH The X-Factor having been cancelled this year, aspiring songwriters might be looking for a new way to share their music with the world.

Community radio station Vitalize Radio - based in Griffithstown - is hosting a songwriting competition for artists to enter their original songs.

Entries will be grouped into the following categories: pop and ballads; rock, punk, metal and rap; reggae, Latin and world music; R&B, soul, jazz, blues and spiritual; country, folk and traditional; Christmas; and for entrants aged under 16.


Kym Frederick, from Vitalize Radio, said: “Prior to lockdown, we loved having live music on the shows.

“I’m always particularly interested in speaking to songwriters about their music what inspires them. I find that quite exciting.

“We have a panel of judges to select a shortlist. We will then put them to a public vote.

“We are also inviting people who enter their songs to come into the studio to chat about their songs.

“A lot of these people will be itching to get out and start playing again. During the period where people haven’t been able to go out and play, they will have had a stash of ideas. Now they need to get them out there and get heard.

“It can be quite difficult for people to get their music heard. They often rely on open mic nights, but there haven’t been many of those this last year.  

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“Hopefully this will open some doors for some of them.

“And it’s something to celebrate. It’s something we all love – music.

“I am hoping that everybody who loves music – whether it’s listening or writing and playing – will get something out of it.”

Mrs Frederick also thanked her Vitalize Radio colleagues Jan Thomas and Carty for being instrumental in organising the competition.

Entries cost £5, and must be in MP3/WAV format. Songs can be performed by the songwriter, or by someone else.

To enter, email them to vitalizesongs@gmail.com by October 31.

A winner will be announced in December.

More details can be found at songforvitalize.weebly.com