EBBW Vale town train station users and Blaenau Gwent residents are not happy about  plans to restrict use of a well-used to permit holders only.

There are concerns the train station may soon be unavailable for use by the public - with a petition against the idea signed by more than 2,500 people.

Although the council has not confirmed who permits will be issued to, councillors have confirmed they have been offered passes, and others have claimed only local authority staff and members will be allowed to park there.

Many residents have been sharing their views about the announcement with the Argus.

Neil Price, who lives in Tredegar, said: "I think the plans for them turning the train station car park into permit holders for councillors and the general office staff is totally diabolical. I mean there has been no thought put into it at all what I see, no thought for disabled, elderly, pregnant women or young families who need to use the train service."


Dean Woods said: "Complete disregard for the public, especially our disabled community. Where was this consultation held?

"I'm looking at standing for election next year and start putting the people of Blaenau Gwent at the forefront. I’m currently looking at a public meeting to get the views of the public to the council."

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Rebecca Thomas said: "Absolute disgrace. The councillors have done nothing for Blaenau Gwent but take a double salary, a high payed salary and now a car parking space.

"I thought they were there to help the community not take away. They are using their position to take privileges and that’s it. Shame on us for voting for them. I for one will be changing my vote on the next election."

Catherine Lisa lives in Ebbw Vale and said she had heard nothing about any consultation about the parking permit, or even that it was being planned.

"Fortunately I live within walking distance of the station, however, for those with mobility issues, the planned changes are shocking.

"Shame on you Blaenau Gwent. Given that we live in times where health, fitness and exercise are being promoted, with "safe routes to school" being promoted to encourage parents to walk their children to school, it stinks that the elite members of staff who will probably get the permits can't be bothered to park in the car park directly opposite the building."

Lillie Bramley who works in Blaenau Gwent and Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney areas thinks it’s disgusting and that parking should be free for all train users to encourage the use of public transport.

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