EVERYONE has an opinion on the place they live - places they love and places they would prefer not have been built.

With this in mind we asked members of our We Grew Up in Newport Facebook group what they thought the ugliest building in Newport was.

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Newport's new railway station got quite a few votes, as did the Civic Centre, and the present state of TJs on Clarence Place.

And don't worry - we've asked about favourite buildings as well which we'll be featuring in a future edition.

Here's what some of them thought:

Ken Goodger: "Those built by British Telecom, the NHS and government departments. I'm not a fan of the Art Deco Maindee Swimming Pool either."


Diane Cleave: "The Riverfront - it looks like cardboard boxes."

Peter Durham: "It has to be NCP car park by Old Green roundabout in the city centre."

Marie Robins: "All the new ones they have built either side of the bottom of George Street Bridge."

Helen Evans: "TJs in Clarence Place. It is absolutely disgusting."

Rosemary Key: "The Kingsway Centre. Friars Walk. The Riverfront. Knock it all down. Get the High Street and Commercial Street tidied up and all reopened like it used to be."

Dave Woolven: "The railway station. It was in the top 10 of the UK's most ugly buildings."

Jacob Evan Richards-Powell: "1) The Wave. A hideous structure, facing the wrong way. 2) All of the negative space around it. 3) The metal tree in Pill which cost more than £300,000."

Ash G Bowe: "1. Newport Railway Station. 2. Boots on Commercial Street. 3. Cambrian Centre."

John Pitman: "My nomination got to be the new railway station. The old one was much better."

Bec Smith: "Architecturally, any of the Brutalist buildings that were foisted on us in the 1960s. I'd add TJ's purely for the sad state that it's in. The council's planning department should be ashamed of themselves for not stepping in when the current owners let it go to wrack and ruin."

Linda Smith: "Every single abandoned building and home in Newport. Rodney Parade and so on. Just love modern architecture. The bigger and taller the better."

Keith Willavise: "The old tax office on Clarence Place."

Di Chris: "The Civic Centre and that carbuncle of a car park perched across from the old Kings Hotel."