A FAMILY in Lliswerry were surprised to find a large, brightly coloured snake in their shed.

Christine Campling was relaxing at home on Thursday, August 19, when her grandson, Declan, 10, came in and said that she needed to check the shed because there was a snake in there.

As Declan is, in Mrs Campling’s words, “a wind-up merchant” with a history of locking people in the shed, she ignored him.

Declan was insistent that there was a snake in the shed and offered to stay in the living room so that other family members could check.

Eventually, Mrs Campling’s husband Jeff ventured to the shed and confirmed that, yes, a brightly covered snake was indeed in the shed.

Mrs Campling said: “I’m absolutely petrified of snakes.

“We rang Pisces Pets to take the snake away and they said it looks like a corn snake.

“I said that I don’t care what it is, it has to go.”

Pisces Pets is a local exotic pet store and they took the snake in while they search for who could own the pet.

At the time of writing, nobody has come forward to claim the snake.

Corn snakes are quite popular as pets because they are harmless to humans and are brightly coloured, exotic looking animals.

They are not venomous, are easy to look after and often have a calm temperament.

The snakes are indigenous to North America and are seen as being useful to humans as they prey on rats and mice thus controlling their population and limiting the spread of disease.