FILMING took place at the old Severn Princess Ferry in Chepstow this month for a programme called Vanished Wales.

Vanished Wales is a new four-part television series currently being filmed by ITV Cymru Wales.

It explores the landmarks, communities and ways of life that have disappeared from Wales during the last 100 years, revealing those forgotten histories and what the echoes of our past tell us about modern Wales.

The Severn Princess was launched in 1959, spending her days ferrying vehicles and passengers across the River Severn between Aust and Beachley until 1966.

Then, the Severn Bridge was opened.


She is the last remaining ferry of the three that were previously operational (Severn King, Queen and Princess).

Many famous people used the ferry during the day, including the Queen and the Beatles. A photo of Bob Dylan waiting for the ferry even made it to one of his album covers.

The Severn Princess Preservation Trust was set up to restore the ferry in 2018

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted progress, but in the past year a lot more work has been undertaken thanks to hard work by volunteers - including having to take up the deck which had rotted beyond repair.

In particular, they are helping to repair damage done to the turntable to stop it turning, when the ferry was taken over to Ireland.

The turntable, weighing around a tonne, was famously used to turn cars around on the deck in the day.