A WRITER from Monmouthshire will soon release a heart-warming children’s book.

K. Y. Schrader – who is from Monmouthshire and studied a French degree in Kingston-upon-Thames before returning to Monmouthshire in 1996 – has published a tale of compassion and co-operation.

Her illustrated story, Roly the Fox, is aimed at readers aged five to seven years old and tells the tale of an unlikely friendship between a wily fox and an old dog.

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The book tells the story of a cheeky, confident fox called Roly who regularly invades the garden of an old dog called Dibs.

Roly eats any food left out and steals toys belonging to Dibs. Dibs is old and has stiff joints and grumbles about trying to catch Roly although he knows he cannot.

One night, Roly’s partner – a vixen named Jasmine – gets caught in a steel snare and Dibs comes to the rescue. Can Dibs save the day? 


K. Y. Schrader said: “I have a longstanding love of animals. My brothers and I kept an array of pets when we were youngsters including dogs and cats, budgerigars, a guinea pig called Caramac, a tortoise, rabbits, and a gecko.

“The story of Roly is based in truth. I was the owner of a lovely dark brown and white rescue dog called Dibble or Dibs for short. He loved his box of toys, especially the squeaky ones. A fox regularly came into the garden and ate the dog food and occasionally took a toy.

“I hope this story will encourage young people to be interested in our wildlife and to value and protect it.”

Roly the Fox will be released on Saturday, August 28