MANY Tears Animal Rescue has issued an urgent plea for volunteers.

A video posted on the animal shelter's Facebook called for people to come forward to help over the weekend following a large number of new arrivals.

A huge number of dogs arrived with the shelter in one day, all needing to be bathed, have their kennels cleaned, have their pictures taken and their personalities assessed.

In the video, Many Tears founder Sylvia Van Atta said: "All lovers of Many Tears, this is a plea from me Sylvia.

"We have a lot of dogs here, a lot of work, a lot of socialising and an awful lot of bathing needed.

"If you can come and help, and you really want to work and help out, or if you want to become an emergency fosterer, please get in touch with us.

"Just email me, tell me what you can do, or turn up tomorrow morning at 9am and I will put you to work.

"We really appreciate you help."


The call for help will continue throughout the weekend, and people are asked to get in touch via email rather than writing.

A post on the Llanelli rescue shelter's social media pages added: "We have had a huge number of dogs arrive with us today.

"They all need to be bathed, have their kennels cleaned, have their pictures taken and have their personalities assessed to find them the best homes.

"Plus they will need lots of socialisation in the ways of cuddles and meeting new people.

"If you can come and help us tomorrow or any day this week/weekend and are prepared to really get stuck in and work hard, we would be so appreciative.

"Our phone lines are ringing off the hook - so if you are able to come and volunteer please either email or turn up at the rescue at 9am tomorrow morning. At the moment we are only looking for volunteers over 18 years old.

"We are also looking for people who are able to become Emergency Fosterers who would be able to foster a dog or puppy for us.

"You can apply to emergency foster here.

"We really appreciate all of your help and support. Thank you.

"We are based at Many Tears Animal Rescue, Cwmlogin House, Cefneithin, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA14 7HB."