A GLIDING club has been given the go-ahead to replace its existing aircraft hangar in Gwent, despite concerns over noise levels.

South Wales Gliding Club, based in Lower Raglan Road, near Usk, will be allowed to replace its existing aircraft hangar.

The original building dates back to the 1970s and if it is not replaced soon, it “would eventually fall into disrepair”, according to a report.

The new hangar will be a like-for-like replacement of the existing building. 

A Monmouthshire County Council decision report says: “The existing steel framed hangar was constructed in the 1970s, and is therefore starting to show its age and is to be removed.

“There is also a 1990s extension to the existing building which is to be retained. The proposed new building will have exactly the same dimensions as the existing hangar and will also be a steel framed building.”

The council has not received any objections to the application itself, however concerns have been raised over the noise of the gliders.

A resident living nearby, in a letter sent to the council, said they had “no comments” on the application but the hangar plan “it gives us an opportunity to address issues”.

The writer states that when they moved to the area around 20 year ago, the gliders would “gracefully soar” with the “occasional low swishing noise”. 

But the letter continues: “In more recent years, there have been more and more motorised gliders.

“These create a great noise nuisance.”

The letter complains the noise of the motorised gliders and says it’s like a “go kart constantly driving above you”.

It asked for the council to include a condition, which limits the use of the glider club for “what it was originally intended” and that the “use of motorised gliders is not in the spirit of the original planning application”.

No such condition has been included, as the comments in the letter did not relate specifically to the replacement aircraft hangar.