PLANS for a temporary concrete manufacturing facility in Portskewett have been given the green light despite concerns that dust generated from the development will damage neighbouring business’s vehicles.

The Old Pill House on Pill Way in the Severn Bridge Industrial Estate had planning permission for a waste transfer station.

Work had started on plans that had previously approved which allowed for the demolition of the existing pub and hotel on site. In place of them, a workshop would be built.

Now, plans have been approved for a temporary concrete manufacturing plant. The development will also benefit from two silos – structures for storing bulk materials – and storage bays.

The facility will sit on the footprint of the approved workshop building.


However, the council received three objections to the plans from the neighbouring commercial properties.

A particular concern was raised over “dust damaging their vehicles”.

The concern was raised by neighbours, which include a car lease company and Chepstow removals.

The council’s decision report says: “The site is already operating as a waste transfer station with soil, stone and rubble being brought to the site and sorted, which currently generates dust.

“However, it is acknowledged that the proposed cement works will also generate dust and on this basis it is necessary that the activity is regulated by an environmental permit issued by Monmouthshire County Council environmental health officers.”

Other concerns raised include the close proximity to nearby homes, inadequate parking provision and the impact on local ecology.

The council say the site is 100 metres from the nearest residential unit, with the close buildings also being commercial property on the industrial estate.

There were no concerns over parking or traffic raised by the highways team and under the plans four people would be employed on the site with five parking spaces provided.  There will be no alterations to the access, which had previously been approved in the waste transfer station plans.  An office/control building will also be built and a three metre high wall at the southern part of the site will be used for mineral storage. The office would be a standard sized shipping container.