NEARLY 1,000 homes in Newport were left without power after a late night power cut.

Yesterday, Monday, evening at 10.53pm, a high voltage fault knocked the power out at hundreds of properties in the NP19 and NP20 postcode areas of the city.

Western Power Distribution (WPD) has since confirmed that 914 customers were offline.

Following the outage, engineers were dispatched to assess the situation.

News of the incident was first reported through WPD social media channels, where a representative for the energy company said: “We are sorry about the power cut in Newport NP19 NP20 areas. 

“Engineers are working to have all properties back on by 00:30.”

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Some properties in the area did not see their power fail, but noticed some appliances flickering or turning off.

This voltage drop came as a result of efforts by engineers to re-route power to the properties affected.

It has since been confirmed that the majority of properties had their power restored within the first hour.

Today - Tuesday, August 31 - a company spokeswoman confirmed that the remainder of customers impacted by the outage had their power restored by 12.03am.

At this time, the cause of the incident has not yet been established.

However, WPD engineers are back on site in the city today, in a bid to establish the cause of the problem.

Once power was restored, the company again took to social media, saying: “Power is now back on in Newport NP19 NP20 areas. 

“We are sorry for any problems caused by the power cut this evening.”

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Western Power statement in full

Today, a WPD spokeswoman told the Argus: “At 10.53pm a high voltage fault was reported, which took 914 customers offline.

“Power was restored to all properties by 12.03am. The majority of these were restored within the first hour.

“We have engineers back onsite today to establish the cause.”

According to the WPD’s live power cut map, the affected area is currently fully operation.

Across Newport as a whole, only two properties – in the NP10 area, are currently without power, due to a low voltage incident.