AN ARMED man threatened to kill a terrified mother with a broken bottle as she was pushing her baby in a pram.

Jonathan Todd was “out of his mind drink and drugs” when he confronted the woman on Barry’s Dyfan Road.

The victim’s other young child ran into a garden to hide during the horrifying incident which unfolded on February 17.

The 43-year-old also gestured he was going to slice another man’s throat with the bottle, prosecutor Heath Edwards said.

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Todd, of Pontalun Close, Barry, who has 59 previous convictions for offences like robbery, assault and possession of an offensive weapon, was jailed.

Mr Edwards told Newport Crown Court: “The defendant was acting strangely on Dyfan Road and was unsteady on his feet.

“He took a glass bottle out of his rucksack and smashed it on the kerb and held it by its neck.

“The defendant was wielding the bottle and said to the victim, ‘I will ******* kill you!’

“The victim screamed. This was extremely frightening for her and there were a number of young children in the area.”

Todd pleaded guilty to making threats with an offensive weapon.

Hilary Roberts, mitigating, said his client has suffered with schizophrenia and had been taking antipsychotic medication.

His barrister told the court: “He wasn’t compos mentis at the time of the incident.

“The defendant expresses remorse for his behaviour and wants to apologise to the victim.

“He has no recollection.”

Todd had already served more than six months in jail since his arrest.

Judge Daniel Williams told the defendant: “You appeared to be out of your mind on drink and drugs.

“You brandished a bottle and made a threat to kill.

“Your victim was terrified and ran across the road, grabbing her baby in the pram.

“Another daughter hid in a garden.”

Todd was sent to prison for 20 months.