PRIVATE landlords in Newport are being called on to help with the city’s efforts in resettling families fleeing the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

It comes as the first family escaping the Taliban controlled nation has now settled in Newport, as part of the wider Afghan resettlement scheme.

Last month, Newport City Council confirmed that they would be welcoming a number of families in need.

This pledge was matched by all five councils in the Gwent area, who confirmed that they too would be providing help to those in need.

And now Newport City Council has called on private landlords in the city to join in the effort to help.

In a post on social media, the council has asked for any private landlords with property available to get in touch.

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The council is particularly looking for houses with three or more bedrooms.

Anyone with property matching this description is asked to email the council on

It is not the only effort being made in Newport to assist those fleeing Afghanistan.

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Last week, signs were posted in a city centre shop, calling on donations to be dropped off to assist with those who had settled in the city.

The signs, posted in Commercial Street store Moments’s window revealed efforts to source toiletries and children’s items for new arrivals to the city – and the wider region.

Handwritten signs say that the store is collecting the items and supplies “for the Afghanistan people resettling in Wales.”

Following the United States Government’s decision to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban mounted an attack on the Afghan government, and quickly seized control over the battle-scarred territory.