TAYO Oguntonade, host of the Channel 4 show Great House Giveaway, said the pandemic’s effect on the housing market made his role “more difficult” in the upcoming series.

The programme sees two strangers who hope to get themselves on the property ladder with money given to them to buy a property at auction.

They are given six months to turn the property into a desirable home with the aim being to sell and split the profits. If they fail the house goes back on auction.

Property expert Mr Oguntonade, who has joined the hosting team as part of Channel 4’s Black to Front diversity project, said that due to coronavirus restrictions he and co-host Simon O’Brien had to choose and purchase the properties for each pair.

South Wales Argus: Tayo Oguntonade. (PA)Tayo Oguntonade. (PA)

He said: “It wasn’t too much pressure, but it was definitely more difficult because of what the market offered in the pandemic.

“House prices went up and the market became very competitive. We had to deal with buying in that environment and that was something that nobody had expected.

“There wasn’t more pressure, because when buying property you focus on the numbers, you don’t put any emotion into it and you play the market.

“It’s an investment property so the numbers guide the investment decision. It’s not about who likes what, it’s about profit.

“I think we still managed to buy some good houses at some good prices, even in such a competitive market.”

Great House Giveaway won a TV Bafta award in the new daytime category in June this year.

Mr O’Brien said receiving the accolade had been “amazing”.

South Wales Argus: Simon O'Brien. (PA)Simon O'Brien. (PA)

“It’s the highest accolade you can have in our industry,” he said.

“(Production company) Chwarel and Channel 4 along with Together, really stuck their neck out because there was a big risk involved with the first series.

“There were no hidden numbers or figures. They got their house and their budget and if they did well, they did well but if they failed, well then they fail.

“That’s what made it such a raw series and I think Bafta recognised that.

“We were up against some big hitters and yet a tiny little company called Chwarel and myself are now the proud winners of a Bafta.

“I’ve been working in this industry, as well as doing properties up for 35 years now and that’s just the pinnacle.”

Series two of Great House Giveaway airs from September 6 to September 10 at 4pm on Channel 4.