PUBLIC Health Wales have confirmed that a case of the Mu variant of coronavirus has been identified in Wales.

The Mu variant has already been found in other parts of the UK, with 53 confirmed cases, but this is the first time it has been found in Wales.

The variant is also known as B.1.621 and is being monitored by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to see if it is resistant to current vaccines.

However, Public Health Wales (PHW) reiterate that the Delta variant is still the dominant strain in Wales.

A spokesman from Public Health Wales said: "One case of the Mu (B.1.621) variant of coronavirus has so far been identified in Wales. 

"The numbers of variant cases in Wales are reported on our surveillance dashboard every Thursday. 

"To protect the identity of individuals, we are not currently providing any specific information due to the risk of small number identification.

"The Delta variant remains the dominant variant in Wales. 

"Protect yourself and others by taking up the offer of a vaccine, maintaining social distancing, washing your hands regularly, and by wearing a face covering where required. 

"Self-isolate and get a test if you develop symptoms.”


The variant first appeared in Colombia and has since spread to other parts of South America, North America and Europe.

So far, it is classed as a 'variant of interest' as opposed to a 'variant of concern' with WHO believing the Delta variant is still the most concerning variant of Covid-19.